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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies do you generally work with?
I generally work with startups and scale-ups that are in-market. I've been known to join pre-launch companies, but I thrive in conditions where there's a lcear path to growth.

Do you do any 1-1 mentoring?
I'm in a place where I'm winding down private mentoring to focus on scalable ways of teaching people what I know about product design and development. You can subscribe here for advanced techniques and know-how.

Can I pay you for an hour of your time?
Fortunately, you can. My fee varies depending on the audience, the need and the commitment. Contact me and we can discuss it more.

What is your speaking fee? Can I get you as a guest on my podcast?
The audiences that love me most are tech executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, marketing executives and product leaders. My fee varies depending on the audience and the commitment. Contact me and we can discuss it more.