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Software is hard work, this is a guide to staying soft, humane, and resilient through the challenges software leaders face.

Here you'll find a closer look at how to have hard conversations, leading a team, establishing hiring practices and growing your influence. We'll dig deep into common problems and get to the root of issues in team management.

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About the author

My name is Saielle DaSilva. I lead product teams on the journey of customer discovery, problem/market fit, and establishing product management and design practices. I'm passionate about systems thinking and give lots of talks about finding unintended consequences.

Previously, I’ve worked at Amazon (freelance), AT&T, and Pivotal Labs, where I focused on product practices and culture, research, strategy, and building and scaling product teams.

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Recent projects:

My side projects are all about connecting the dots between inclusion, diversity, design and great results in product teams. I've given talks on design, diversity and inclusion at a few events and been published on others.